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Los Galeristas Adolescentes

Everyone knows that Los Galeristas Adolescentes Gallery Club organizes multi-media arts activities as well as visits to art studios, galleries, and museums for inner-city youth.

Cre8tive YouTH*ink with Supermuralist Sofia Maldonado (pictured at the top) the crew from l-r are Lalita Santos, Edwina Pierre, Crystal Gonzalez, Johnny Walker, Hupaul Camacho, Vincent Carreto, Nia Scott, Jazmyn, Saradyn, Cherry Sampana, Chris Serrano, Moise J., -- , Mista Oh!, Andrew , Alicia Prieto, Mark Gonsalves, Jesus Serrano

But how many of you knew that that the success of cre8tive YouTH*ink’s lies with the very same Los Galeristas – that is, the senior and founding members of the cre8tive youTH*ink group.

These young artists interact directly with the younger teens in very specific ways, in a process known as “bridging.”

Bridging links members in feeling and outlook and focuses on building emotional connections – reinforcing the principle that the group itself is the agent of change. Bridging provides exchanges between and among members that facilitate personal growth and are key to increasing participation and engagement.

They energize and help to build group cohesion and safety — promote fuller group participation, facilitate generative communication between members – provide positive support, reassurance and encouragement — in this way, the kids themselves “feed” each other by filling in each other’s developmental voids, and fostering each other’s potential for excellence.

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