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Our Partner Projects

Our Partner Projects introduce urban teens to a new kind of civic engagement, providing them with engaging activities that are designed as powerful developmental experiences to activate the spontaneous bonding process with us and other adults in their schools and communities.

We spark teenagers’ natural curiosities and motivation to understand, connect with, and master the world around them. Not simply to help build resiliencies to the obstacles blocking their path to healthy development, but to mobilize them to become more fully participatory in their own lives, prepared with the tools to assume leadership roles in their communities.

Community Service Club at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Water testing with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

Like our community-service project with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, where high-schoolers used an arts activity to teach 4th graders about the history and ecology of the Brooklyn waterfront.

The Gallery Club

Joe Amhrein @ Pierogi Gallery talking about the appropriate amount of obsessiveness and the "commodiifcation" of at art

The Gallery Club brings teenage art students to top museums, galleries, and studios all over the city – developing hands-on projects in which they collaborate with top arts professionals;

SAT Tutorial with NY Cares & Kaplan

SAT Tutorial with NY Cares and Kaplan

SAT tutorial program organized with New York Cares free of charge for 100 of Brooklyn’s public school juniors.

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