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The Gallery Club

Nibor seen here with Galerista Moise J. in Chelsea

Robin Cembalest, former Executive Editor of ARTnews Magazine, leads a team of senior members from Los Galeristas Adolescentes who work to organize the Gallery Club — bringing young art students to museums, galleries and studios, not just to look, but to also participate in projects with tops arts professionals, like this recent project with supermuralist Sofia Maldonado.

Why don’t you take a look at the clip below or follow the individual links to see more of the kids in action.

Thanks to every one who has made the Gallery Club a great success!

In order of appearance are;

Doug McClemont, curator, “Nobody Gets To See the Wizard,” Anna Kustera Gallery;
Olafur Eliasson, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery;
Chris Martin, Mitchell, Innes & Nash;
Nari Ward, Lehmann Maupin Gallery;
Shaquille O’Neal, curator, “Size Does Matter,” FLAG Art Foundation;
Yun-fei Ji, James Cohan Gallery;
El Anatsui, Jack Shainman Gallery;
Andrew Moore studio;
Jim Torok and Joe Amrhein at Pierogi Gallery;
Tom Otterness studio;
At the Studio Museum Harlem;
At MoMA;
At Cuban Artist Alex Arrechea’s solo exhibition;
Making a rooftop painting at the Commons in downtown Brooklyn,
With artist Sofia Maldonado preparing for her solo exhibition at the Magnan Metz Gallery in Chelsea,
Performing in Oliver Herring: Areas for Action at the Meulensteen Gallery;
Hyperallergic’s The Social Graph at Outpost in Bushwick
Artist Fred Tomaselli and Women in Pop Art at the Brooklyn Museum
Factory Fresh and Street Art in Bushwick

Tribal War/Jah Did It by George Nooks & Prince Weedy (1979)

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